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The Sustainable Office: Hands Off! Pandemic Challenges and Best Practices for a Safer Work Place
Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 12:00 AM - 1:30 PM EDT
Category: Education

Wednesday, March 17
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Zoom Round-Table Discussion

Spring is around the corner. . .  Earth Day is around the corner. . .  Vaccines are underway. . . As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, many firms are planning for a potential and moderated return to the office.  Others have already been back to the office on a semi-regular basis and can provide updates.  How do we keep employees safe?  How do we provide them with the right policies and procedures while still maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment?  Join us for an interactive round-table discussion and share your thoughts and ideas regarding these various “pain points” and how those of you who have returned to the office are managing:

  • Air Filtration:  What are MERV filters/ratings and what do they mean to your indoor air quality?  What types of questions should you ask your building managers regarding what the building is doing to ensure proper air filtration?  What types of individual office air filters are available and how do they rank?
  • Kitchen spaces:  Should we open or close?  What should be provided? Can items be communal? If yes, who will manage this?  People will want to gather, what can we do to ensure socialization and safety? How do you minimize waste?
  • Printing areas:  How do we manage our mailroom services?  Who has access?  What if you have a small office with no office services staff?  How do we keep high touch areas consistently sanitized?  Any natural disinfectants that can be used?
  • Signage & Protective Equipment:  In addition to CDC-required signage, what other signage is appropriate/makes sense?  Where should additional signage be posted? What do you do about proper disposal of masks, gloves, etc.?
  • Shared office supplies: Accessibility - if you don’t have an office services department, how do you handle this?  Mail distribution precautions? Do you have a protocol for ordering supplies?
  • Conference Rooms:  Have you allowed visitors/client meetings?  What precautions are you taking?  Are you using UV lighting? Do you have a mask recycling program?
  • Vaccinations:  What are your current vaccine policies?  Will your firm mandate vaccinations?  If you mandate vaccinations, will that change your office protocols?
  • Staff Utilization:  How will a modified staff schedule affect space utilization?  How does it relate to the overall eco-footprint?  How does it affect supply and kitchen orders?

This is an informal presentation and is a peer-to-peer learning opportunity -you will set the agenda. If you have other issues that you would like to cover, please send an email to the program moderators, Nadia Wagner ([email protected]) and Gayatri Joshi ([email protected]). 

Since this is a sustainability session that will be held on St. Patrick’s Day, we invite you to think GREEN and wear GREEN for an added bit of fun – and a great photo op for social media!

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